Since the late 70’s I’ve been working at the assembly plant of Volvo Cars in Torslanda Gothenburg, Sweden.

I started this blog to promote the book Slutkört from 2011, in which I argued for both the necessity and possibility of converting the auto industry to save both the climate and our jobs. I now and then upload texts here  that I’ve written on car related issues in various papers and magazines over the years.

The Triple Crisis – A Conversion Strategy From the Shop Floor

From International Viewpoint april 2020:

”For some time now the auto industry has had a decline in production; the covid-19 virus has pushed it over the brink into a free fall. The question arises once again of how to handle this central machinery of mass production. But neither death by neoliberal “creative destruction” nor continued subsidies are satisfactory for an industry that could be a major driving force to push the planet into a climate Armageddon.”

This text, published in Jacobine the fall of 2015, summarizes some of my ideas about conversion of the auto industry as a possible common strategy for unions and environmentalists.

In this paper, which is  a roughly edited version of a speach I gave in London in the fall of 2009, I outline the basic thoughts that I develop in my book.

My Swedish publisher, Ordfront, has made  a quick English translation of one of the chapters of book that you can read here.

I also have a chapter in the book ”Trade Unions in the Green Economy – Working for the Environment”, ed. Nora Rätzel, David Uzzel, Routledge 2012 covering similar issues.


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